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The Democrats of Barbour County is local Democratic Club formed to elect Democratic Candidates and support the principles and key goals of the Democratic Party. We first formed as

the Democratic Women of Barbour County expanding  to avoid the need for multiple Democratic Organizations in our community. We work with the Democratic County Executive Committee which currently focuses on meeting party election requirements. We are a diverse group of Democrats welcoming progressives, independents and  others interested in learning about our candidates and  ​believing in equal justice for all. 

The club regularly meets the second Thursday of each month ether in person or virtually given the threat of COVID 19. 


The Barbour County Democratic Executive Committee is the local branch of the Alabama State Democratic Party. Members of the committee are elected during the midterm primary for 4 year terms. There is a male and female representative elected from each county commission district. The committee has five at large members appointed by the committee . Elected Democratic office holders in the county are ex officio members as are the elected members of the state executive committee from Barbour County. 

The committee's duties include vetting and collecting filing fees for county candidates running as Democrats, voter education and assistance in getting out Democratic voters in each election.


In 2022 the executive committee established a VOLUNTEER MEMBERSHIP category for Democrats wishing to work on voter education and supporting the election of Democratic Candidates running for office. The local club-the Democrats of Barbour County - voted to suspend operations and encourage it's  members to join the county committee as volunteer members. The groups will meet monthly in 2024. Meetings are held the 3 Thursday of each month at the Eufuala Public Library at 4:30 PM.    

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